F29 MK3 Programmable Flow Switch


  • 10 Programmable Timers Built In
  • Powerful 40Amp Solid State Drive
  • Dedicated 16A Alarm Relay
  • Detachable Electrical Housing
  • 18 Bar 261 psi Rated Standard Model
  • 200 Bar 2900 psi Model Available
  • Suits Pipes 1″ & Larger
  • Multi Voltage Operation
  • Accepts 2 Remote Inputs
  • Weatherproof Housing


The F29 MK3 programmable flow switch is available in various configurations to suit specific applications. Please see the data sheet download linked below for more details about the functions of this flow switch.

We also offer a version of the F29 MK3 with a flexible metal Trailing Wire instead of a paddle, our TW29 MK3. This model is recommended for applications with flows that contain solid or semi-solid materials like sewage pumping or mining applications, where a paddle type switch would otherwise be unsuitable.

More Information

Paddle Trimming Calculator

The paddles for our F29 MK3 Series switches come with a set length. These paddles can be cut down to suit your pipework and flow rate. We recommend using our Paddle Trimming Calculator to find the correct paddle length for your application.


For assistance in choosing the correct product for your needs, check out our Product Selection Guide. 

3D Model & Download