F60 MK3 Advanced Pump Controller


  • Very simple to program
  • Multi voltage operation
  • Displays pressure and set points
  • 15 programmable timers
  • Powerful 40Amp solid state switch
  • Dedicated alarm relay
  • Detachable electrical housing
  • 20 Bar 290 psi pressure rating
  • Suites pipes 25mm (1″) & Larger
  • Accepts remote input
  • Weatherproof IP64 housing


The F60-MK3 Digital Pump Controller has a durable glass-reinforced polypropylene paddle and a pressure switch to ensure complete pump protection. The switch can be set to control a single or dual pump system with a wide range of functions.

For more information about the F60-MK3 please refer to the linked data sheet below.

More Information

Paddle Trimming Calculator

The paddles for our F60-MK3 Series switches come in set lengths. These paddles can be cut down to suit your pipework and flow rate. We recommend using our Paddle Trimming Calculator to find the correct paddle length for your application.


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