KU Series Level Switch


  • Australian Made
  • Robust double molded construction
  • Polyurethane 3 core cable
  • Polypropylene housing
  • Low switching differential (35mm)
  • All direction tilt action
  • Stable repeatable switching
  • Compact size 75mm diameter
  • Optional cable weight available


This product is not suitable for Water or Sewerage applications.

The KU series level regulator is a compact three-wire switch specifically designed for single point level control in oils. Its ability to withstand oils makes it suitable for level control in diesel fuel tanks and in applications involving bulk diesel or oil. The KU series level regulator will provide a stable switching action with a high degree of repeatability.

See the data sheet linked below for more information on the available models in the KU Series and the ordering codes.

More Information

There is an optional cable weight available for the KU Series float switches, sold separately. The KCW-PE has a polyethylene screw (instead of stainless steel like the standard KCW) which is designed specifically for these switches.


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