Q Series Float Switch


  • Australian made
  • Extra strong polypropylene float
  • S.P.D.T three wire switch
  • No mercury or lead components
  • High quality CPE rubber cable
  • No corrodible metal parts
  • Sealed tamper proof design
  • Highly chemical resistant
  • Wide range of cable lengths available
  • Optional Cable Weight available.


The Q Series Float Switch consists of a heavy duty polypropylene float double molded onto a high quality three core cable. The float contains a single pole double throw switch, which can be used to give adjustable control over the level of liquid in tanks, pits and dams. By careful tethering of the cable the switch can be set to give an ON or OFF action at any desired position. The heavy duty switch can directly control small pump motors, and is also ideal for instrument or PLC signalling.

More Information

AutoCAD Drawing


  • High and low level control in tanks, pits and dams
  • Loss of prime protection for pumps
  • Automatic control of sump pumps
  • Control of tank filling and draining valves
  • Control of levels in effluent and separation pits
  • Level control in bulk liquid tanks
  • Control of level warning equipment

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