CR22 Microwflow Switch


  • Australian Made
  • Can detect flows of less than 500 mL per Hour
  • Maximum flow rate of 4L per Minute
  • Suits tube and pipes from 6mm to 20 mm
  • All wetted parts UPVC with VITON® seals
  • Compact vertical position mounting
  • 18 Bar 260PSI Pressure rating
  • Fast response to flow loss
  • Easy to install and service
  • Simple and reliable
  • Weatherproof


The CR22 microflow switch operates on the displaced piston principle. Process liquid passing upwards through the switch lifts a precision piston. Every time the piston is lifted a magnet sealed inside it actuates an external reed switch.
The reed switch provides a signal indicating flow. The CR22 can be setup as a normally on or a normally off switch that responds either to flow, or to loss of flow.

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