P25 Series Flow Switch


  • Australian Made
  • Directly control pump motors
  • Choice of 3 different electrical modules (see data sheet)
  • Manual override (P25-S Model only)
  • 15mm, 20mm & 25mm connection sizes available
  • No metal parts in contact with liquids
  • 100L/minute flow rating
  • Versatile all position mounting
  • 18 Bar (260psi) pressure rating
  • IP67 Weatherproof housing


The P25 inline flow switch is a rugged versatile all position mounting flow actuated switch. 

The P25 switches come with the option of 15mm, 20mm or 25mm pipe connection sizes. It can be used in larger pipe systems provided the maximum flow does not exceed 100 liters per minute. The switch can detect very low flows, and yet has a low head loss, high flow through rating. It can be used to detect continuous or pulsed flows.

The P25 finds a myriad of applications in industrial, rural and domestic pumping systems. It is particularly well suited to pressure pumps due to its ability to detect and switch at extremely low flows. In addition the P25 can be used to protect low yield bore pumps and in tank filling applications.

There are no metal parts in contact with liquids. The P25 flow switch is supplied complete with unions and standard PVC pipe sockets for direct solvent gluing into PVC pipework. The union threads on the P25 are standard parallel BSP form and where required can be used to secure the switch directly into threaded pipework.

See the data sheet linked below for more information on the available models in the P25 Series and the ordering codes.

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