MF20 Series Flow Switch


  • Australian made
  • Can detect flows of less than 350mL/hour
  • Maximum flow rate 25Litres/minute
  • Suits tubes and pipes 6mm to 20mm (1/4″ to 3/4″) dia.
  • No metal parts in contact with liquids
  • Suits pulsed or continuous flows
  • 18 Bar (260 PSI) Pressure rating
  • Stable electrical response
  • Low head loss design
  • Easy to install


The MF20 Micro Flow Switch is a super sensitive version of our popular P20 Inline Flow Switch. The MF20 is a very simple and reliable mechanical flow switch that can detect extremely low flows. The switch can detect either continuous or pulsed flows.

The MF20 flow switch gives a simple on or off response to liquid flow. There are no metal parts in contact with liquids within the switch, so the MF20 is ideal for use in aggressive media such as acids and alkali’s and many chemical solutions. The switches are supplied with tube flare fittings, and a set of pipe spigots and unions for direct fitting into 15NB PVC or ABS pipe work.

See the data sheet linked below for more information on the available models in the MF20 Series and the ordering codes.

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